February 2003
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Vilkas is still anchored in Miami, the weather has been good except for the fronts keep coming through every couple of days so there has not been any windows to cross. Not many boats have attempted to cross because of the weather. A couple boats attempted early this week and turned around and came back once they got to the stream. Then a small window opened Thursday and about 10 -12 boats went across.  We could not go because of our on going power saga.  We will start looking for a window this week and if nothing opens we are thinking about going down into the Keys. In either case we are looking to move to Key Biscayne early this week and get ready for what ever happens.

Yesterday was very interesting day with the approaching front we had winds out of the south to 30 knots and the anchorage we are in is open to the south. Needless to say is was a rock and roll day until about 0130 this morning when the wind finally shifted to the west and calmed down.

Ugne and I are doing great. Our location half way between Miami & Miami Beach has been great for getting away and doing things. Miami Beach has a shuttle for 25 cents so getting around is not a problem. On the weekends People watching on the Lincoln Mall is great. You see all kinds.  Still a lot of boats anchored in the area. Every few days we have a get together on the beach at Monument Island. Thursday night I counted 30 dinks at the beach.

 Middle of February 

 Thought we were going to catch the window this week however at lunch yesterday Ugne broke a tooth so we have to delay our departure while she gets her tooth fixed on Thursday.  We found a dentist in Miami Beach just a mile walk from where we tie up the dink. 

 February 28, 2003

 Well Ugne had her tooth fixed with a temporary filling, she will need to have the tooth capped when we return from the Bahamas.  We sailed the boat south to No Name Harbor at the south end of Key Biscayne to stage for the next window.  No Name Harbor is part of the Florida park system with a nice restaurant and large park.  We arrived Thursday afternoon and anchored in the middle of the harbor.  We discovered on Friday the harbor is a local gathering place on weekends and a lot of boats arrived Friday and more on Saturday making the anchorage very crowded and noisy.  


Vilkas in No Name Harbor

Restaurant at No Name Harbor