July 9, 2002
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Not much has changed over the last couple of weeks.  The new engine is still loosing coolant and Yanmar has not been able to fine where it is going.  Since we are now close to mid July with no fix on the immediate horizon we have decided to stay in Ft. Pierce through the hurricane season.  This will give me the opportunity to finish the galley as well as the other tasks on my list.

The Ft. Pierce ocean inlet is one of the best on the coast and is convenient  to the marina.  Only about 30 minutes from the marina to the ocean.  So as soon as we get the engine working properly we will be able to do some day sailing.  If we wish to get away for a few days we can sail down to Lake Worth  or motor up the ICW to Vero Beach or Melbourne.  One of the nice things about the Harbortown Marina is that we are on Taylor Creek and the water is brackish therefore the boat bottom stays pretty clean.  We are less than a half mile from a  shopping area with a very nice grocery store and a West Marine.  The walk to downtown Ft. Pierce is about 2 miles. A trip we have made several times.  Harbortown has about 350 - 400 slips with about 30 percent occupied with liveaboards on both sailboats and powerboats.  Our dock alone has 15 to 20 liveaboards with more arriving from the Bahamas everyday.  We have great neighbors on each side of us.  Greg & Barb are from Texas and have cruised a couple of years then settled in this area to build up their cruising kitty.  Greg started a construction company building houses in the Vero Beach area and has more work than he can handle.  They plan on working another year then head back out on the cruising circuit.  On our west side is Bruce and Carol from upstate New York.  Bruce was first chair horn player for the Syracuse, NY Symphony. He now plays for the West Palm Symphony during the winter season. Carol started a nutrition business many years ago and continues to run the business from their boat.    The other liveaboards on the dock and in the marina are just as nice.  Some of them with cars have offered us the use of their car or at the least would give us a lift if we need to go someplace. 

The 4th of July found us creating an impromptu gathering for dinner.  Greg came in from fishing about 4 PM.  He had caught a 20 pound Maui Maui.  The stage was set, the grill was heated, sides dishes and corn appeared as well as hamburgers for those that did not want to eat fish.  We had a great feast.  We then sat and watched the Ft. Pierce fireworks followed immediately by some very exciting nature fireworks that featured a lightening strike to a sailboat on the next dock.  Fortunately he had minimal damage. 

Florida has had a lot of rain over the past 4 weeks, probably in excess of 25 inches.  The days have not been totally washed out but when it rains it really rains.  The state has more than caught up on the rain needed to get out of the draught conditions of the last couple to years.  Their drinking water table in the aquifers is still low though and will take awhile to replenish.

So we are right on plan, "We Have No Plan and are Sticking to it."  It is not what we thought we would be doing but we are having a great time in spite of the engine.

                                                        A New Day

                                                ICW North at Sunset

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