June 2003
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Position: 27 28.09N, 080 19.68W

Location: Ft. Pierce, Florida

 We know we have not been real good at keeping ya'll up-to-date on our travels the last couple of months. Setting down below at the computer and typing a note just did not have a priority. I will attempt to give you a run down on what has happened.

 We spent April, May & the first week of June in the Abacos. The first part 0f April was spent in Little Harbor in the southern Abacos that I wrote about earlier. The later part of April and May we sailed around the central Abacos visiting Marsh Harbor, Man-O-War Cay, Hopetown, Treasure Cay, and Great Guana Cay. Each of the Cays is unique and we enjoyed exploring them. We visited Marsh Harbor a couple of times as it was our main re-provisioning stop. Treasure Cay was also a favorite stop in a well-protected harbor and a great beach for walk-about. Around May 20 we decided that we would start heading north and stage for the trip back to the states. We made one more trip ashore at Marsh Harbor for last minute supplies and sailed to Fishers Bay on Great Guana Cay where we grabbed a mooring and stayed 3 nights. Fishers was very quite with only 2 or 3 other boats. Great Guana is know for Nippers Bar and Restaurant. On Sundays they have a big pig roast and people come from all over for the food & drinks. We had visited there on a earlier trip on Gypsy Common so this trip we spend more time in the small settlement. On the third day we sailed to the north end of Great Guana to Bakers Bay to stage for the trip to the north Abacos. Bakers Bay is a large anchorage that at one time was used by Disney as a stop for their cruiseship. The bay is one of the most visited anchorages in the Abacos. One of the attractions is to explore the ruins of the lodge that was there for the ships guests. Cruises also gather at the old pier several times a week for Sundowners. While we were there we had 20 30 boats each night.

On our first night there I started the generator so we could make water, it ran about 5 minutes and started surging and smoking so I shut it down. Checking it out I found that the stator coil had shorted and burned. Without the generator we had no way of making water so we had to start watching our water usage. When our tanks are full we carry 175 gallons that would last us a couple of weeks.

After 4 days at Bakers we were ready to move onto Green Turtle Cay in the north Abacos. The trip calls for some planning as one has to go through 'The Whale" a narrow cut through the reef that can be very rough in north to east winds. In our case we had south wind and a very smooth trip. From Bakers to Green Turtle took about 4 hours. We anchored outside of the settlement for a few hours waiting for the tide to rise so we could get into Black Sound. Since we could not use the watermaker I needed to pickle it to protect the membrane. To do this I needed 120 volts so we took a slip at Black Sound Marina. The first day there I pickled the watermaker, then we went out exploring the island.

 Green Turtle is a very neat and colorful place. The people are totally different from the other island, more quiet and reserved. We spent about five days at Green Turtle then moved north a couple of miles to an anchorage at Munjack Cay. Munjack is a large cay with only a couple of houses. The island is good for hiking and the beach is nice with great snorkeling.

 We spent a couple of days at Munjack and then sailed further north to Powell Cay. Powell Cay is uninhabited with a very nice beach and good snorkeling on the north side. We had planned on spending a couple of days and then head west for staging back to the states, however the weather changed and we got some strong south to southwest winds that made the anchorage rough. So after 2 nights we hauled anchor and sailed back south to Green Turtle Cay and the protection of Black Sound. We stayed a couple of days waiting for Gypsy Common to catch up with us and then we headed to Great Sail Cay our staging point bach to the states. 

 We left Green Turtle around 0930 on June 4 and arrived at Great Sail at 1830 and anchored on the northwest side.  We had planned on leaving the next morning but the weather did not look good for a stream crossing to waited one more day.  At noon on June 6 we hauled anchor and started the 120 mile journey. We traveled with 3 other boats. The first 50 miles was across the Bahamas Banks with light south winds and a couple of small showers. We left the banks around 2100 for the last 70 miles across the Gulf Stream to Ft. Pierce. The trip was very smooth with seas 1 -2 feet and light south winds in the 5 - 10 range. We pulled into our slip at Harbortown Marina at 1030 June 7, Cleared customs that afternoon and immigration the next morning. Then settled in for our stay here at Harbortown. We spent the next couple of days cleaning the boat inside and out.

 We had planned on going north to the Chesapeake Bay but decide to stay in Ft. Pierce to fix the generator and do some remodeling of the aft cabin.

 All in all we thoroughly enjoyed our first cruise and cannot wait for the start of our next adventure.

Sunset Bakers Bay

Green Turtle Cay

Green Turtle settlement harbor

Green Turtle settlement

Powell Cay Sunset

Great Sail Sunset