April 25, 2002
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Time has gone by quickly since we moved to Royal Palm Yacht Basin.  We have been busy putting Vilkas into livable condition.  I installed our new wind generator and Ugne has been busy varnishing the cockpit teak.  However, we have made the time to go to the beach at least once a week.  The beaches get really busy on the weekends so we rearranged our week making Thursday & Friday our days off.

I installed the Ampair Pacific 100 Wind Generator, re-configured our house batteries into a single bank, added a Heart Echo Charger to charge Starting Battery 1, as well as a Link 10 monitor to monitor our power grid.  I figured that it would take me a day or two, but I stretched it into 5 days.

Our daughter & her husband bought my Isusu Rodeo.  They came down last weekend to pick it up and take it back to Atlanta.  They stayed a couple of days enjoying the beach as well as some of the good food found in Fort Lauderdale. With the Isusu gone we are now totally into the cruising community.

It has been our plan to leave Fort Lauderdale and start heading north next Tuesday, April 30. However, when I changed the oil in the transmission yesterday I discovered that the oil had metal filings in it.  So I need to have the transmission checked out and probably rebuilt.  Clause Marine Services has been highly recommended as the best around on Volvo engines and transmissions however,  Clause had some type of emergency this week and will not be back until Monday.  So I will talk to him on Monday.  We expect that it will be a couple of weeks to get the transmission repaired.  This will delay our departure until at least the middle on May.