June 19, 2002
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Vilkas was put back in the water with her new engine on Wednesday June 12. The engine started right up and purred like a kitten. However when I put her reverse gear to back out of the pit, Vilkas went forward and then went in reverse when I put the gear lever in forward. So we then motored to a slip on F-dock, being very careful to move the gear shift in the right direction, where we will stay for the next couple of weeks . We discovered that the gear shift plate at the pedestal had to be reversed, however doing this interfered with the engine shut down cable which we had to relocate to the instrument panel.  Of course the old one did not want to be moved so we had to cut the cable and order a new one.  Once in the slip Tim reset the gear lever and then finished fixing the whole that we had put in the cockpit.  The sanding created a lot of fiber glass dust that the wind blew all over the boat. Ugne and I spent the rest of the day attempting to put VILKAS back into livable condition.  We got her to a point that we could at least move back onboard on Thursday. Vilkas also needed to sit for 24 hours in the water to regain her shape before setting the final engine alignment. Thursday morning we checked out of the hotel. YEA!  Tim was back around 0930 to reset the alignment, we headed out on a sea trial south on the ICW.  The sea trial was going well testing the engine at all RPMs. The Yanmar engines like to run a little harder than what we have been used to. We would cruise the old engine at 1800 to 2000 RPMs getting about 5.5 knots. This new engine likes cruising at 2500 RPMs increasing our speed to 6+ knots.  During the sea trial we ran the engine up to her highest rated RPMs of 3800 telling us that the new prop was pitched properly.  However on the way back to the marina the engine over heated, haven't we been here before.  As it turned out one of the paths for the coolant is through the hot water heater and a vapor lock had developed. Once the vapor lock was bled off we added some additional coolant and headed back south to retest. This time we pushed at 3000 RPMs down and back on the ICW for about an hour with no more problems.  Sea trial done we spent more time cleaning.  It was great to be back onboard.  For dinner I went over to the fish market and picked up some fresh Red Snapper to cook on the grill, uncorked a bottle of wine and had a relaxing time back onboard. We both slept like rocks.  Friday Tim was back to install the new engine shutdown cable and the anti-siphon valve in the raw water hose. With those tasks completed we were done with the refit.

What is next? This coming week we will make a couple of more sea trials runs down the ICW just to double check that all things are in order. Then we will make plans to continue heading north to the Chesapeake

June 19, 2000

The weekend weather was kind of ugly so we did not get to run VILKAS.  Monday and Tuesday we had chores to do before getting rid of the rental car, so our plan for Wednesday was to take VILKAS out and run down the ICW.  I did the normal checks before starting the engine and found the coolant to be low, however the overflow tank was at the full mark.  What now! I got Tim to come by to take a look before starting her up.  Nothing obvious so we filled the heat exchanger and started the engine.  Not knowing if we had a problem we decided to stay at the dock and ran the engine for an hour to get good and hot.  This morning I checked the heat exchanger to find her low on water again and the coolant in the overflow tank above full.  As I write this we are waiting for Tim to come back and pressurize the system to see if it will hold a constant pressure and figure out why the coolant is not being sucked back into the heat exchanger when the engine cools.

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