May 4, 2002
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Talked to Clause this past Monday, he said bring the transmission in and he would look at it.  I spent the rest of the day getting the thing out of the boat.  Of course I had to run out and get a new tool in order to get to a couple of the bolts.  Took the transmission to Clause on Tuesday morning, surprisingly he thought he could take a look at that afternoon.  Wednesday around noon he called and said that it was ready.  The problem was the clutch linkage had been adjusted wrong and that was causing the clutch to wear thus the filings in the oil.  He said it might have lasted a year.  We are happy to have discovered it now.  So Thursday morning I put the transmission with a new clutch back in the boat.  Only took 2 hours.  Our plan now is to leave Fort Lauderdale next Wednesday taking a day sail north to Lake Worth, spend a couple of days on the hook and then leapfrog up the coast.

                This is so much Fun