March 5, 2002
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Truck Day

After a week of very cold weather, low 20's at night, highs around freezing and winds blowing 20 - 30 mph, we will be headed to warmer climates today. The weather made it a bit tuff getting Vilkas packed up. The truck to haul Vilkas arrived last night so as soon as the lift gets warmed up Vilkas will be loaded and on her way. 

We hired Harbor & Lake Boat Transport to move Vilkas south. By 1030 Vilkas was on the truck and the driver, Leroy was securing her to ensure she had a good ride. Once we assured that Vilkas was secure Ugne and I took off for Florida. The truck would not leave until around 0130. We had to stop at a tire store and have a screw removed from our left rear tire, think we picked it up in the yard, then a bite to eat and we were on our way. By 1830 we we stopped  for the evening in St. Augustine.

March 6, 2002

An uneventful day as we drove the remainder of the way to Fort Lauderdale and settled in a hotel for the evening. Leroy called and said he would be in Fort Lauderdale by about 5pm and would go directly to the yard for unloading the next day.  About 1730 he called again, he was about a mile from the yard and there was a tree branch blocking his way to the yard. Ugne and I hopped in the car and drove to his location, sure enough there was a big branch across the road about 13' 6" up and Vilkas needed a bit more than 14' to clear.  After checking the roads in the area we found a alternate route that appeared clear but by that time it was dark so Leroy moved Vilkas to a side street for the evening.

March 7, 2002

0730 we were back at the truck, made a dry run to the yard to make sure we could clear all of the trees and then followed Leroy to the yard. By 1030 Vilkas was off of the truck and setting high and dry in the yard.  Time for the work to begin. If you need your boat hauled overland We would highly recommend Harbor & Lake Transport to do the job. Leroy was great to work with and was on schedule the entire trip. 

Loading up for trip south

On the truck ready to go where it is warm

Unloading in Florida

In the yard ready to get a new bottom

Happy to be in warm weather