May 2005
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May 2005 

Ugne and I had a commitment to baby sit our grandkids while our daughter and her husband traveled to Italy.  So we needed to get VILKAS back to Ft. Pierce.  On May 3 we left Los Olas headed to Lake Worth.  The weather was unstable so we headed up the ICW.  There are 21 bridges that need to open between Los Olas and Lake Worth.  It makes for a long day. About 1230 the Coast Guard broadcasted a weather alert for the Lake Worth area.  As were approaching a section of the ICW that was narrow with very shallow water outside the channel we decided to turn around and go back to a marina that we had just passed.  We took a slip at Ocean Ave Marina in Boynton Beach. Planned to stay one night but the weather kept us there for 3 days. 

Finally the weather changed for the better and we continued our trip north to North Lake Worth.  

After a couple of days in the North Lake Worth anchorage we decided to move north to Peck Lake on the ICW just south of the St. Lucie inlet.  Peck Lake is a nice anchorage with easy access to the beach.  There were 4 or 5 boats in the anchorage.  We had anchored about 100 yards off the sand dunes so it was a short dink ride to the beach.  The weather was great for the couple of days we stayed there, but we had a schedule to get to Ft. Pierce so we hauled anchor on the morning of May 12 for the short 4 hour ride to Harbortown Marina.  

While we were gone the marina had changed hands and the new owners were starting to make subtle changes all for the better.  We had arranged to be back on F-Dock, now called Fiji dock, where we had stayed in the past. It was good to see old friends again. 

Ugne and I had committed to baby set our grandkids while our daughter and her husband went to Italy for 10 days, so we rented a car and drove to Atlanta on May 20. 

The three weeks we were gone went by very quickly.  It was great to have the grandkids to ourselves and of course we spoiled them.  Our daughter had just finished putting in a pool so a lot of time was spent swimming and lounging.  We also took several day trips as the weather allowed including the Atlanta Zoo and Calloway Gardens. It was also good to visit with some of our olf friends from Lake Lanier.

Playing Twister 

New Pool

Friends for Lake Lanier

Group Shot


Hunter & Kelsey

Hard Life

At the Gardens



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