Spring 2004
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Spring 2004 Update

Position: 27 28.09N, 080 19.68W

Location: Ft. Pierce, Florida




We are spending the Christmas holiday with our daughter in Atlanta and will fly back to Florida New Years Eve. I am writing this freezing our butts off in Atlanta.  A cold front came through early this morning with snow flurries, temps barely got out of the 30's today with winds gusting to 35 giving a wind chill in the low 20's. Tonight it will be in the low 20's.

I talked to one of our neighbors at the marina in Ft. Pierce and they told us the front was moving through today with a low tonight of 38, kind of cold for the Ft. Pierce area this time of the year.

Our remodeling of the aft cabin is coming along well. We stripped it to bare fiberglass then insulated and covered with laminate and I am just about ready to cut new cabinet faces. Ugne has started sewing a new Bimini and Dodger.

If we finish in February early March we will head back to the Bahamas.  If the refit takes a little longer we will stay in Ft. Pierce until late April and head north to the Chesapeake Bay.

We are heading back to Florida New Years Eve.  Our close friends Ed and Janet recently moved to Jupiter, Fl from Atlanta. They are going to pick us up at the West Palm airport. We will spend New Years Eve and a couple of days with them before going back to the boat to finish the refit. 

April 2004 

Time does fly. The aft cabin refit is taking longer than expected. Ugne has been working on a new Bimini and sail cover. We decided to have the canvas shop do the new dodger. We set up Ugne’s sewing machine on the port side of the main salon so our living space has been reduced to about 1/3 of the boat. Ugne also managed to break a toe but is doing better, she can now make it up the dock 1 min faster than on Wednesday. I have started installing the cabinet doors. The two-aft/lower doors are roll-top, real cool. We had the new dodger installed yesterday, looks good with the new sail cover & bimini that Ugne has sewed.  

Expecting to finish the aft berth work shortly we ordered a new natural latex mattress. It should be here in a couple of weeks. I have also ordered the electrical end of the generator and have schedule the generator haul out for new week. Once I finish the aft berth I have the finishing work on the aft head cabinets and we will be ready to go. 

May 30, 2004 

We have finally finished our refit of the aft section of VILKAS and are ready to leave Ft. Pierce and go play for a while. Today around 4 pm (waiting for the tide to come in) we are leaving Harbortown Marina and will anchor in the turning basin at the FT. Pierce Harbor. In the morning we will haul anchor and be on our way at 6 am. Our plan is to sail on the outside 3days/2 nights to Charleston arriving around 2pm Wednesday. We are planning on staying at the Cooper River Marina for a couple of days to visit with our son and then we will sail to Beaufort, NC. From Beaufort we will go inside on the ICW to Norfolk and the Chesapeake Bay.